Saturday, May 3, 2014

Got not much to say. You've probably heard me saying sorry a couple times for not updating this blog, and here I am, leaving this blog with no posts (again!) for 4 months. Been busy working (as usual). Believe me, working can steal your life away from you, so choose the one you enjoy most. Oh and by the way, I now sing for this band.

Check our soundcloud: I sing as a backing vocal, at some songs I play tambourine. And above is our EP with two of our songs inside. For the cover we have our guitarist, Mas Yanu with his new girlfriend *aw.

And I started reading manga again. I started with a Luscifer's Hand and I Am Hero. Great ones.

Been thinking of posting my works from my office, I should have more urge in sharing my works *my bad. I'll try to collect the photos. Oh, and I have been avoiding social media for a couple weeks ago and I haven't signed in to my Facebook account for like two or three months. Yes, it's a bit of a big deal to me because it's the only thing that can keep me in touch with my friends. I don't have a Twitter account, nor Instagram, my Path account came from my officemates who force me to make one. It does feel good though at first, it feels like you don't have to really care with what everyone is doing. I've been "acting too anti-social" my friend once said and I kinda regret it now. Leaving me with wondering how everyone is doing.

Many things has happened and I'm sure if you are one of my best friends, you'd known what are that things. So hello again and here I am, keeping writing to you. Dear everyone, I miss you.

Slackers (1991)
And yes, before there was Before Sunrise, there was this movie about those quarter-age-years-old-who-keep-questioning-things people.

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