Thursday, December 19, 2013

Three nights, a dose of youtube playlist, and a hint of loneliness.

Dear People, How Are You [2]

1. Been thinking about changing the template and the header, I don't think colors suit me well.
2. Been busy working. Drawing before bed has become a way of getting revenge out of my 'stolen' hours. Sometimes my hands were too weak to draw and I still forced myself to draw. It feels like mumbling on your last minutes before you fell asleep, it feels nice.
3. Is this what they called as quarter life crisis? Or is it just a typical phase every young Jakartan has to pass? You know, the type of oh-how-other-people-life-is-much-better-than-me phase.
4. Hideaki Anno collapsed into a 4 years depression before he made Evangelion. I'm not sure if this is depression, but I do feel a reduction of self esteem.
5. Luckily, 2014 is coming this way.