Saturday, December 3, 2011

For my upcoming exhibition.
(yep, for this one.)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cerita Suatu Ketika

Ps: in case you're wondering, yes, they got one letter missing from my name (it's written as Rega 'Ayunda' Putri). Nevertheless, it's held at my father's birthplace so I'm having a strange kind of excitement ;D Hope we can all meet there!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A morning dose of anxieties.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weird feelings come and go.
But dreams, they do stay.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Triangle - How Could You

The Triangle is a music project by Rico, Fikri, and Cil that was formed up early in this year. They just released their first single, How Could You, and this time, they asked me to create a set of artworks from their songs.

It's a nice song about remembering someone you had lost (familiar feeling, anyone? *evil laugh*). A sad one indeed, but prettily done with trumpet in it ;-)

So go click their website and download their song for free! And don't hesitate to tell them how you felt about the song, they'd love to hear your comment via their twitter :-)

I.D. - Defecation Delayed

Individual Distortion is a music project by a friend of mine, Adythia Utama. His songs might make him look like a kind of guy who get easily pissed by almost everything, but I can guarantee he's a nice friend who is willingly to listen to his friends' problems (cie). Pssst...he is also the man behind Jajalable Culinary.

So here goes, as requested by him, my work in inverted colors.

Oh. And you might try to google the word 'defecation'. Now that I think about it, the title is so me.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Phew for the late update! It's been a long time. (two months, is it?) And no, it's not like I don't have the desire to post something new - I do, really. It's just that these past months I've been dealing with the weirdest hours: sleeping with a Things-To-Be-Done list, but waking up with an 'ERRR, what day is it today?' mood.

These past two months might be the goodbye phase of my old daily activity. I got out from my old job. Spending one month as an unemployed college student (oh yes, I still haven't finish my almost-6-years-study). Trying to be a normal college student, spending time in library, reading psychology books with the hope I might look cool holding them. Finishing my driving course with a saddening final report: 'Yes, we still believe you'd crash in no time if you still drive like that.'. And yet, before I realized it, I just got myself a new job.

So here I am, trapped in a tight daily activity - with a more detailed To-Do-List (rather than a list, it look more like a timeline now). I don't even remember when was the last time I did my usual daily drawing for fun. No, it's not something to complain or whine about. It's something that I chose. And it's more like something I should be grateful with, having my time spending for more useful things. It's just that; this new activities put me into a feeling where I see myself alienated from people around me. I miss spending times with my friends. I even got myself missing my friends more often now. And when it got worse, I feel like missing everybody. I even start writing diary again, I've been having this weird feeling of needing someone to talk to as fast as I could.

But it's been good though. Having a new environment, new daily activities, meeting new people, starting things back from zero again, yes, it is something to be grateful with. But, well, just like most girls, maybe I just need to blabber over things. Maybe I just need a place to throw things out of my head. Maybe I'm the kind of person who need to write, so I could see how things have been going to me. Or maybe I'm just being a little too melancholic for most things (whoops!).

So thank you. Thank you for still reading this not-so-exciting blog (oh dear, now I sound emo-ish). It's been a lovely Sunday morning, and I do hope I haven't bored you already (stick with me, please?).

So for the-not-so-gloomy-last words, here's me wishing you all a blaaastering weekend.

Cheers \m/

Thursday, July 14, 2011

And these are days you often say,
there's nothing that we can't do.

Oh, this is slow suicide.

Finally, Updated!

Wow, it's been 3 months since my last post. I do own a great apology. Yes, these few weeks have been the time when people start asking you 'Where have you been?'. But oh well, here I am, finally updating my blog, answering these questions with a big smile and...well, care for a little quick update from me? ;-)

(the text below can be also titled as: A List of Things that Keeping Me from Updating Blog)
  • I've deleted my old blog.
I first started writing blog in 2006. A whole five years! Wow. And well, reading it now, you got the same feeling when you re-read your high school diary. A kinda funny embarrassment. Well, some (or possibly most) of the postings contained things I prefer not to remember :-p So then, I thought, why don't just I deleted the old one and start writing on this one? And that goes it. So pardon me if you suddenly find me blabbering on this blog. Do worry, I'm a shy whiner.

  • Guilty as charged, the main reason behind my long disappearance.
Or in other words, the last assignment I have to complete before I could finally take my final assignment. All packaged in one exhausting yet weirdly loveable work. (drum roll, anyone?) Ta-daa!

Thank you for making me hardly sleep at night. I do love you though ❤

Postcard to Alphaville is a mini-exhibition collective blog, showing portraits from a good list of memorable movies, filled with many lovely artists. For me, I got a face sewn with leather to draw, happily grinning ;-)

Oh yes, it is a recommended site. Believe me, it worth a big peek.

Don't it feel niceee when you see your works worn as shirts? :-D
Oh and of course, do visit their site to see a list of our talented local artists! Pssst...A recommended place to spend your money *evil laugh*

  • A lovely merchandise from Annemarie.
And as a tote also! If you happen to be one of their fans, it will be a joy to order the pieces from their FB page:

  • A not so lovely but still loveable Mindzapp *another evil laugh*
An event (well, just like the description says) of noise and lost frequencies, contained surprising performances from hyperactively wordless yet attractive and stunning musicians. It will be released as a live recording album, so behooooold.

  • And other random things that keeping me happily busy (with short description, so you can have your own guess!).
  1. Even Keanu Reeves loves them. After 6 years in lost, it's one of my favorite classic anime, at last!
  2. Fucking Murakami.
  3. A mini-series from a great mind that have created one of my favorite anime.
  4. A mini collection of Satoshi Kon's works. Claassssicccc.
  5. *cough* NO COMMENT.

I believe the list still have a looong way to go, but considering I spent almost three hours finishing this post, and after looking at the clock with surprise, my, it is really my time to go.

OH. One last thing: I lost the scanner I used to use for my works (the truth is, it's not even mine, the real owner finally took it back). So do wait until I got all my works scanned, and I'll update my blog just like the old way.

In the meantime, have a great day!

Monday, March 7, 2011


how the unknowns remain undone