Thursday, July 14, 2011

And these are days you often say,
there's nothing that we can't do.

Oh, this is slow suicide.

Finally, Updated!

Wow, it's been 3 months since my last post. I do own a great apology. Yes, these few weeks have been the time when people start asking you 'Where have you been?'. But oh well, here I am, finally updating my blog, answering these questions with a big smile and...well, care for a little quick update from me? ;-)

(the text below can be also titled as: A List of Things that Keeping Me from Updating Blog)
  • I've deleted my old blog.
I first started writing blog in 2006. A whole five years! Wow. And well, reading it now, you got the same feeling when you re-read your high school diary. A kinda funny embarrassment. Well, some (or possibly most) of the postings contained things I prefer not to remember :-p So then, I thought, why don't just I deleted the old one and start writing on this one? And that goes it. So pardon me if you suddenly find me blabbering on this blog. Do worry, I'm a shy whiner.

  • Guilty as charged, the main reason behind my long disappearance.
Or in other words, the last assignment I have to complete before I could finally take my final assignment. All packaged in one exhausting yet weirdly loveable work. (drum roll, anyone?) Ta-daa!

Thank you for making me hardly sleep at night. I do love you though ❤

Postcard to Alphaville is a mini-exhibition collective blog, showing portraits from a good list of memorable movies, filled with many lovely artists. For me, I got a face sewn with leather to draw, happily grinning ;-)

Oh yes, it is a recommended site. Believe me, it worth a big peek.

Don't it feel niceee when you see your works worn as shirts? :-D
Oh and of course, do visit their site to see a list of our talented local artists! Pssst...A recommended place to spend your money *evil laugh*

  • A lovely merchandise from Annemarie.
And as a tote also! If you happen to be one of their fans, it will be a joy to order the pieces from their FB page:

  • A not so lovely but still loveable Mindzapp *another evil laugh*
An event (well, just like the description says) of noise and lost frequencies, contained surprising performances from hyperactively wordless yet attractive and stunning musicians. It will be released as a live recording album, so behooooold.

  • And other random things that keeping me happily busy (with short description, so you can have your own guess!).
  1. Even Keanu Reeves loves them. After 6 years in lost, it's one of my favorite classic anime, at last!
  2. Fucking Murakami.
  3. A mini-series from a great mind that have created one of my favorite anime.
  4. A mini collection of Satoshi Kon's works. Claassssicccc.
  5. *cough* NO COMMENT.

I believe the list still have a looong way to go, but considering I spent almost three hours finishing this post, and after looking at the clock with surprise, my, it is really my time to go.

OH. One last thing: I lost the scanner I used to use for my works (the truth is, it's not even mine, the real owner finally took it back). So do wait until I got all my works scanned, and I'll update my blog just like the old way.

In the meantime, have a great day!