Monday, April 1, 2013

Sneak Peek(s)

I hope late updating hasn't become my new hobby. These last two months are probably one of the busy moment of my late office. For short, in the last two months I have been; finishing some (a lot) works from my last office before I finally resigned, preparing some things for studying aboard, arranging a group exhibition, reading books and buying new ones without finishing the old ones, and listening to some great bands who keep me wishing to be born years earlier. And so, for the two months late update, here are some sneak peeks from some of my new works.

This post will end with my favorite closing line: Hoping to see you at my future exhibitions. Ciao!


  1. wiiiih! Rega canggih abiiis!!

    1. terima kasih Dindie! cita cita saya memang menjadi Robocop :"<